This project was very open-ended with the guidelines being that I had to research an interesting local place and create a travel poster. I chose the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area and created my promotional poster based on the research I conducted, including the general tone of the place as a whole. This project was to be hand-drawn using only black and white tones on an 18x24" poster board. 
Here the final poster is shown. Although the bright yellow color of the pavilion is very eye-catching, I was not allowed to include color in this project so I focused more on line work. I still wanted to encapsulate the beauty of the pavilion, so I put a large emphasis on lines in the drawing of it. I also wanted to include the large presence of the wildlife at Rio Salado, so the simple silhouettes of the birds flying out of frame were my way of giving the wildlife a presence on the poster. A large aspect of this project was the fundamentals of design, I skewed the "Habitat Restoration Area" to the right to achieve asymmetrical balance and to keep the focus on the center of the poster. 
The research aspect of the project was to include multiple field sketches and photographs of the location chosen. Shown here are my favorite photographs and field sketches that I drew a large inspiration for the final poster. I found the most appealing aspect of the location to be the large presence of wildlife and the yellow pavilion pictured, so I decided to include both in the final. 

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